List of Most Awaited Crypto Coins to Watch that Have Been Launched or Will Launch in 2021

List of Most Awaited Crypto Coins to Watch that Have Been Launched or Will Launch in 2021

As the price of Crypto coins increasing daily. Most of the investors are eagerly waiting for the next Crypto coins that will launch in 2021. Will the price of Cryptocurrency continuously increased to a surprising level?  Below is a list that tells you about Crypto coins that have launched yet or will launch soon?

  • Internet Computer (ICP)

In May 2021, an Internet Computer was introduced. This coin became famous within three days after its launch. Many investors were attracted to it because its market price was increased to 35 billion Dollars in few days. The current market cap of ICP is 8.7 billion dollars. The main aim of this coin faced internet restrictions and restore it with advanced internet. This coin is available at Binance.

  • Enjin (ENJ)

It is introduced recently as assistance for non-fungible tokens. This Cryptocoin is launched on an Ethereum basis. The market cap of Enjin is around 1 billion dollars. This provides aid to those people who buy the game using blockchain procedures. This coin is available at various markets like and many others.

  • NKN

NKN is specially designed for dispersed internet. NKN is launched on a blockchain basis. NKN assists thousands of nodes, peer-to-peer dispersed working, and low intermission. The market cap of this is about 212 million dollars. NKN is available at Binance for buying.

  • Diem

Currently, Diem is not available for Purchasing. Diem of Facebook is considered the most awaited coin that will introduce in 2021. Generally, it is called Libra. It is a concentrated, universal, steady Cryptocurrency prediction. Diem will be an excellent choice for that investor who is looking for much steady Cryptocurrency.


This description consists of information about upcoming cryptocurrencies. Most of the above have launched yet and Diem is an upcoming one. This article will be useful for those investors waiting for volatile cryptocurrencies.

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